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I could see this going either way. I originally thought the same thing (and even expressed it to Cole via email) but upon further thought, I think sticking to hip hop could also be interesting. I think hip hop in general needs more attention and credit than it has been given in the past and even today. Hip hop has quickly become one of the most experimental and fastest growing genres, with artists really pushing lyrical content, production, and style. Not only is it an evolving form of creative expression, but also a growing platform for these artists to speak on the topics that construct their personal lives, culture, and community. Hip hop has made these topics more accessible to both the people they effect and the people they might not otherwise reach. To Pimp a Butterfly was an excellent example of this. This album has effected me and so many people I know so profoundly, with Dissect as the vehicle that brought me to that appreciation. It has completely changed my outlook on what I can learn from music and it’s certainly not the only album to do so. Hip hop is so important right now and I think Dissect has a huge opportunity to be on the forefront of giving it the analysis it deserves.