What is Kendrick Lamar’s Best Song…EVER?

Introducing LAST SONG STANDING, a new show in which Cole Cuchna (Dissect) and Charles Holmes (The Ringer) attempt the impossible: crowning the single best Kendrick Lamar song of all time.

To do this, Cole and Charles will debate their way through Kendrick’s entire catalog over 7 episodes. First up? good kid, m.A.A.d. city.

Listen to LAST SONG STANDING now on the Dissect feed.

Season 9: Mac Miller’s Swimming in Circles

Season 9 is dedicated to Mac Miller’s Swimming In Circles. Over 14 episodes, we dissect the music, lyrics, and meaning of Mac’s beautifully honest efforts to swim amidst the often tumultuous currents of the human experience.

BLACK IS KING. A mini-series. 7 episodes released over 7 days starting Monday, January 25th. Only on Spotify.

Dissect applies its award-winning analysis to the symbols, themes, and meaning of Beyonce’s film BLACK IS KING. From Dogon masks to durags, from Moses to Mansa Musa, from Bey’s backyard to Johannesburg, and from life, death, and the spiritual spaces in between, BLACK IS KING traverses freely across time, space, and cultures to highlight their connection and showcase a greater, unified Black lineage. Through this grand celebration of the Motherland, Beyonce demonstrates the profound connection that we all have to each other in this great circle of life on planet earth.