Season 9: Mac Miller’s Swimming in Circles

Season 9 is dedicated to Mac Miller’s Swimming In Circles. Over 14 episodes, we dissect the music, lyrics, and meaning of Mac’s beautifully honest efforts to swim amidst the often tumultuous currents of the human experience.

BLACK IS KING. A mini-series. 7 episodes released over 7 days starting Monday, January 25th. Only on Spotify.

Dissect applies its award-winning analysis to the symbols, themes, and meaning of Beyonce’s film BLACK IS KING. From Dogon masks to durags, from Moses to Mansa Musa, from Bey’s backyard to Johannesburg, and from life, death, and the spiritual spaces in between, BLACK IS KING traverses freely across time, space, and cultures to highlight their connection and showcase a greater, unified Black lineage. Through this grand celebration of the Motherland, Beyonce demonstrates the profound connection that we all have to each other in this great circle of life on planet earth.

Ep. 13 – Life: The Biggest Troll

While God may have made the world, man made the internet, a digital world, in line with Glover’s comparison of the invention of the internet being a new Big Bang. In this digital world, “you don’t need a name,” which demonstrates the impact the internet has had on the expression of traditional identity.

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Ep. 12 – II. Earth: The Oldest Computer [The Last Night]

In script, The Boy drives down the I-10 highway listening to the song “Danny Glover” by Young Thug (above). He is going to his mansion to oversee a drug dealer about to go very wrong.

The title “Danny Glover” indicates why Glover may have chosen to include it in the script. For nearly his entire career, people have confused Donald Glover as either Danny Glover’s son or as the elder Glover himself, even though they have no relation, which he discusses with Access Hollywood (left) and is the subject matter in a scene from Issa Rae’s Awkward Black Girl.

Glover also promoted Thug’s track a bit during his performance art press run, and when asked to play a song he liked for a radio show, chose Danny Glover and talked about the connection to himself and even how funny it might be to make a remix with his own name.

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Ep. 11 – III. Urn / I. Pink Toes

Urn, produced by Childish Gambino and Ludwig Göransson, was featured in the above YouTube video, preceding BTI‘s release 12.10.13 release.

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Ep. 10 – Zealots of Stockholm [Free Information]

Zealots of Stockholm begins and ends with a cold, somber sonic environment, fitting The Boy’s emotional state after the loss of his father, and reflective of his new environment in Stockholm, a notoriously cold city where it’s dark most of the day in the winter.

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Ep. 9 – Death by Numbers / Flight of the Navigator

An abstract graphic animation that envisions The Boy’s surreal experience of a world somewhere in between life and death, this video follows the abrupt ending of No Exit. This animation is scored by BTI’s next track (audible in the video), the beginning of Act 4, “Death by Numbers.”

Death by Numb(ers)

The title holds a duality: organic and geometric, natural and digital: death and life being natural states, and numbers representing the digital through lines of code and technology. The title represents the coexistence of the two, their interwoven nature and the heightened tension between them.

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