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    Danté Johnson

    I’ve had trouble choosing a good album to suggest so I have suggested a few but ultimately have come back to two of my favorite albums and I’d like to make the case for either one.

    Nine Inch Nails – The Fragile
    The fragile, in my opinion, is a very deep album. Like Kendrick’s it’s not one that you necessarily understand the first time you listen to it. You can understand themes in songs and maybe even themes over several songs but sometimes it’s hard to put Starfuckers and We’re in this together now together and understand the concept. I think this album is actually incredibly personal and would make a fascinating journey and some incredible insight into Trent Reznor at this time. I think the album is deeply personal and takes you on a journey from self-destructive depression through enlightenment, but with enlightenment, or at least on the path, one has to really look at themselves and sometimes that doesn’t always lead the way you might have thought. The music is beautiful and the concept is brilliant in spots.

    Tool – Lateralus
    My perception of Lateralus is that it’s a love story. The album starts with The grudge, a cheating lover and continues through the feelings and growth of resentment and inner turmoil a person has dealing with that kind of situation. While I think that alone is a great reason to dive into the album and pick apart the nuances of each track, there seems to be something hidden in the album that is not front and center. While I have read some articles explaining a kind of alchemy story or meaning wrapped around the album, or the theory of two spirals land in one spot I have not come to really understand these concepts. This album I think is much deeper and has much more coded in it than I had ever really thought and I think it would be an interesting dive.

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