Sdfg-FGSD: CODE: 12.10.13

SIXTY NOTE TO READER: The prelude to this screenplay (“clapping for the wrong reasons“) is available on the website youtube for free consumption. It may or may not give CONTEXT TO this work you’re reading. 

SECOND NOTE TO READER: The visuals have no sound. They are meant to be played while the song is playing.

You can’t live your life on a bus…


A white bus opens its door and a flood of children run off laughing and screaming. After the initial burst, three girls get off laughing. After them, A LITTLE BOY steps off. He’s walking slow and somber.

All the parents in the parking lot are hugging and kissing their kids. Lots of kids are laughing. The Boy keeps walking until he reaches a black limousine parked at the far end.

A chauffeur (old heavyset white guy) stands holding the door open waiting for The Boy.


Ey! Look who it is.

He holds out his hand for a high-five. The kid jumps, hi-fives him, and slides into the limo.

The Boy’s FATHER (Rick Ross) is sitting by the far door. The limo starts off.

The Boy and his father sit in silence for what feels like 8 hours.


How was camp?

The Boy “shrugs”.


You make any friends?



The father laughs under his breath…but the laugh turns into a smh. 


Elise made you something special tonight.


Frito pie.


I don’t know. She didn’t say-


(cutting him off)

It’s Frito pie.

Silence. Father stares at him, then looks out the window.


The Chauffeur helps Father out the car. The Boy jumps out and walks toward the front of his home. The Mansion is dope. Very Big, and not gaudy. It looks classic.


An infinity pool lines the horizon in the backyard. A spiral staircase fades up the wall and into the master bedroom upstairs. You can see all of this from the foyer, which has a large Buddha statue in the center of it. The place is very clean. Someone seems to care or is paid to care.

The Father’s phone rings:




Hello, this is the Califax collection-

Father hangs up. His cell phone goes off.

The Boy walks into the kitchen. It’s a big kitchen. There’s a chef making food. He waves to The Boy. The Boy throws up a deuce. He gets a s’more Pop tart, then walks back out. 


The Boy walks in and drops his backpack and jacket in the doorway. He kicks off his shoes. They fly across the room, hit the wall, and fall in a pile of shoes on the ground. We see there’s a big black/brown stain on the wall where The Boy’s been kicking shoes for years. Doesn’t look like he ever wears the same shoe twice.

The Boy rips the bag of pop tarts open with his mouth as he sits at his desk and opens his laptop. There’s a picture of a woman holding a child. She’s wearing one of those fly tracksuits from 1995. The ones people wore a lot during the centennial Olympics.  

He starts checking his mail. His friend “FAM” sent him something that says “this is you” with a link. The Boy clicks the link and a video of a woman blowing a horse comes up. The Boy watches the video for longer than you should watch a horse blowing video. He closes the video.

He goes onto HOTNEWHIPHOP.COM. There’s a new Rich Homie Quan song out. It’s listed as “VERY HOTTTTTTT”. The Boy looks in the comment section, reading what people are saying. 

“This nigga sound like a broke-ass Future! [CRYING EMOJI]” is the top comment. 

The Boy stares. Then types “fuck u niggers” in the comments. 

He waits. He takes a bite out of his pop tart.

He refreshes the page. People immediately respond with “Fuck U”, “You wouldn’t say that to my face faggot”, and “LMFAO crackers b crazy”

The Boy smiles.

bec a use the in t e  rnet

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