Miseducation Mini-Series Begins NOW.

In honor of its 20th year anniversary, we begin our special 8 episode mini-series on The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.

Using archival interviews and unmatched lyrical and musical analysis, we discover what exactly makes an album like Miseducation an undisputed classic.

Listen today on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Season 3 Shirts Now Available

Limited edition Dissect S3 shirts are now available for pre-order!

The S3 commemorative shirt image is inspired by the line “There’s a bull and a matador dueling in the sky” from the song “Solo” by Frank Ocean. The coloring is inspired by children’s rainbow “scratch art”, tying into the nostalgic childhood themes of Blonde. Finally, the two stargazing figures are young adults who may or may not be under the influence, reflecting the teenage experiences shared throughout Blonde (“We laid out on this wet floor/Away turf, no Astro/Mesmerized how the strobes glow”).

We also have standard Dissect logos tees available.

These shirts are available for a limited time. Pre-order today.

Be Featured on Season 3 Finale Episode!

If you’re listened to past seasons of Dissect, you’ll know that on our finale episodes, we feature a montage of Dissect listeners who share their thoughts on that season’s album and artist. Want to be featured on the Season 3 finale episode? Follow these instructions:

  1. Think about your biggest takeaway from Blonde and/or our season on Frank Ocean.
  2. Consolidate your thoughts to 30 seconds. I suggest writing it down. You can say a lot in 30 seconds, you just have to be organized.
  3. Use your phone and record your thoughts. Include your first name and where you’re from. Please, no shout outs or self-promotion.
  4. When you’re done recording, double check it’s around 30 seconds. Submissions longer than 45 seconds will not be used.
  5. Send audio clip to dissectpodcast@gmail.com. Title the email “S3 Submission”. Deadline is Sept. 10th.

Be sure to tune into the finale episode Sept. 18th on Spotify!

Season 3 Now Live on Spotify!

Season 3 of Dissect begins today on Spotify!

This season we unpack the beautiful music of Frank Ocean. We’ll begin with a six episode mini-series on Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange followed by a full season on Blonde.

Listen to Dissect on Spotify and get episodes a week early plus exclusive access to bonus episodes and playlists.

New episodes will release every Tuesday. Spotify-exclusive bonus episodes will release Thursdays.

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Season 3 Premiering May 15th on Spotify

Dissect Season 3 will be premiering on Tuesday, May 15th on Spotify.

While Dissect will still be available on all podcast platforms, Spotify will have new episodes a week early as well as Spotify-exclusive bonus episodes. 

You can also follow the official Dissect Pod Playlist profile on Spotify where you’ll find a handful of curated playlists by host Cole Cuchna, episode companion playlists, and collaborative playlists that listeners can contribute to directly.

Subscribe to Dissect on Spotify today and tune in May 15th for the premiere of Season 3!

Oh, and if you’re curious about the subject of Season 3, follow Dissect on Twitter and Instagram. Easter egg clues will be posted about the subject of Season 3 – see if you can figure it out!

Dissect x Spotify Partnership!

If you’ve been listening Dissect over the past two seasons, you likely know this podcast began as a passion project, something I did at night after I got home from my day job. And if you listened to the finale episode of Season 2, you’ll remember I announced I’d accepted an opportunity that would allow me to quit my job and produce Dissect full time. 

Today, I’m extremely excited to announce that I’ve joined the Spotify family and will now be producing Dissect full-time as a Spotify Original Podcast.

Pretty cool, right?

So, what does that mean exactly? Well, on the content side, things are only going to get better. While I’ll still produce the show and maintain complete creative control, more time and resources will allow me to produce higher quality episodes at a faster rate. We’ve also got some really cool things planned including exclusive bonus content and interviews. Honestly, I can’t imagine a better home for Dissect than Spotify and I’m thrilled to share with you what I’ve been working on these past few months.

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Dissect Named “Best Podcast of 2017” at The Casties!

2017 was a transformative year for Dissect. The show’s listenership grew over 800% and Dissect now has over 1,800 reviews on Apple Podcasts! Recently, Quartz named Dissect the “Best Podcast of 2017”, the highest honor in their annual The Casties awards!

A tremendous thank you to all who have supported the show this year. Here’s to an even bigger, better 2018.

Dissect 2017 Press Recap

Dissect is Back with Season 2!

We’re incredibly excited to be back for Season 2 of Dissect! This season, we dive deep into Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. With an episode dedicated to each song on the album, we’ll explore Kanye’s magnum opus on the underbelly of fame, celebrity, and power.

Listen now: Apple PodcastsStitcherGoogle Play, or search “Dissect” wherever your get your podcasts. Available on all major podcast apps.

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“The Blacker the Berry – The Book” Kickstarter!

UPDATE: You can now purchase The Blacker the Berry book at blackerberry-book.com.

I’ve teamed with artist/Dissect listener Hannah Sellers to create a book called The Blacker the Berry, now available for pre-order on Kickstarter. The book is a visual exploration of the social and historical context of Kendrick Lamar’s song “The Blacker the Berry.” Hannah created beautiful graphic collages that accompany my analysis of the song, and it really enhances your experience and understanding of Kendrick’s message. Seriously, this thing is absolutely gorgeous, a true piece of art.

For a limited time, you can back this project by pre-ordering your very own copy. We’ve also set a stretch goal, and if reached, we’ll donate $1 of every book sold to Social Works, a youth empowerment charity started by Chance the Rapper.

Support this project by visiting our Kickstarter!

Support Dissect on Patreon

In lieu of advertising on Season 2, I’ve decided instead to create a Patreon account. Patreon is an online platform that allows creators like myself to remain independent and receive support directly from their audience. By pledging as little as $1 a month, you can help Dissect become more sustainable and ad-free.

As you heard me say last season, there is no team behind Dissect. I research, write, record, edit, mix, and master every episode of Dissect. It takes over 20 hours to produce a single episode, often more. And while Dissect is and always will be a passion project, there are fees associated with hosting the show that increase as the show gains a larger audience.

Visit patreon.com/dissect to find out more and make your pledge today. Again, pledges start as little as $1 a month, and there are some great perks available exclusively for supporters. And yes, one of those perks is an early reveal of the subject of Season 2, plus a sneak peak of the first episode!